Our children attend the scouts (Jungschar) of the FEG Einsiedeln. The activities are for children from 1st to 6th grade. It belongs to the BESJ (Bund evangelischer Schweizer Jungscharen) and is part of the youth work of the FEG Einsiedeln.

The scouts meet every second Saturday from 2-5 pm or 5:30 pm (in the summer months). The meeting point is always in front of the Waldstatt Center at Schmiedestrasse 10 in Einsiedeln. We go into the forest, learn pioneering techniques, play cross-country games, sing, do handicrafts, cook over an open fire, and discover stories from the Bible.

All information about the scouts can be found on their website.

Anna Riedi, Hauptleiterin
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Zentrum Waldstatt
FEG Einsiedeln
Schmiedenstrasse 10
8840 Einsiedeln