Rise & Shine SPECIAL: Wednesday 06 Dec. 2023 | 15:00 - 17.30 h

Cookie Swap

Barbara Callegari November 2023

WHAT IS A COOKIE SWAP? // We bake Christmas cookies at home in advance (one or several kinds, tip: do more than one batch each, 50-100 pcs works best) and then we bring them in a box to our swap meeting. Cookies of all shapes and sizes are welcome! The cookies are then laid on a table and when the swap starts everyone is allowed to take from the many varieties until the box is full again. Whoever brings a lot will take home a lot and vice versa, so feel free to participate with the amount that is fine for you, even if it is little.

LOCATION AND TIME // Wednesday 06.12.2023 / 15:00h / Foyer at FEG Höfe. There will be coffee and cake and room to play for toddlers as usually.